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News From Home

A lot of things have been happening since I've been away.  I get all sorts of e-mails and pictures from a variety of people, thanks!  I decided to share those pictures here, so feel free to follow the links below to check out some of the things that have been happening!  Additionally, if you have any updates, keep us in the loop!

Cara Marie Gross
Born March 12, 11:15 pm.
7 lbs 8 oz. 20 inches

Click Cara to see a larger image

Cara Gross

Elizabeth and Don have a lovely girl, Rosemary.  They have been sending me periodic picture updates of her.  Click on Rosemary to view more!

Rosemary Reuter

Charley and Melissa just recently had a baby boy as well!  Gary, the proud grandfather, recently blasted a lot of pictures of Reece and the extended family.  Click on the photo below to view more!

Reece Jones

This area can't all be about people having kids so this next pictorial is about fishing!  In early September the gang went on a little fishing trip.  Click on the photo below to view more!

Bill Moody

It's been quite a while since I've seen Carter and what does he send me... a picture of George his little bunny rabbit, ahhhhh.  Happy Easter from Carter and George!


It's been a tradition for as long as I've known Dave... for his birthday we converge on a local sushi restaurant.  Click on the photo below for the evidence.

Burn baby burn...

Well, they've done it again.  Melissa and Charley have gone out and had another kid.  Click on the photo below to view the Garrett Jones' baby shower evidence file!

Garrett Jones Baby Shower

Chris and I enjoy a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon in Sacramento.  Click the photo to see how the German - American relations are improving!

Chris in Sacramento

We all piled out to Charley and Melissa's for Carolina's Birthday!  I wrote a special song for your birthday Carolina (well actually, a silly Mexican girl taught it to me, but I'm writing it here for the first time). Click below to see the photos and the lyrics!

Carolina's Birthday

Chris and I had so much fun together in Sacramento, we decided to head up to Shasta, where I grew up, and spend the weekend in the Northern part of the State with my parents.  Click on the image below to see how much fun we had.

Chris in Shasta County

Kuba, Radislaw and I made our way down into Big Sur for a four day weekend where we snorkeled, hiked, camped, partied and had a general good time relaxing in the, oftentimes, visually stunning California scenery.

Polish in Big Sur

Here we are again in the North American Fall season.  Proof to all you outside of the 1.5 season country that it's not always warm and sunny.. or is it all an act like the lunar lands?  In any event, we find ourselves celebrating Ben's 82nd birthday, now that's a reason to celebrate!

Ben's Birthday

For those that are interested, I currently work for a small IT company named Evolve Technology Group.  We are actually two companies, Evolve and Metropolitan Netcomm.  Our owners sponsored a fantastic holiday party on 5 December at Moxie's restaurant, located on 3440 C Street.  We all had a really fantastic time with plenty of wine, beer, food and friends.  Not so many pictures came out, in fact my camera's batteries died during the event.  But here we are, having a really great time!

Evolve & Metro's Holiday bash

This past summer of 2006, I closely followed the events that transpired between the Lebanese and Israeli's.  The short of it is; if every border dispute escalated into what transpired between the Lebanese and the Israeli's, the world would simply be aflame with conflict.  Specific comments concerning the article may be addressed to: .

These past few weeks I have been working on installed Drupal as a sub-site, to be utilized for thoughtful discussion and commentary.  Feel free to visit the new Drupal sub-site.