August 2002

Karaoke Party

Our last evening at l'Orto was spent having a little party!  First we had a little ceremony that included all the volunteers receiving a certificate for the work we performed while we were there at the farm.  That evening we had some really fantastic Afghan cuisine, I mean Safa can really cook, I hope he opens a restaurant in Ticino after he completes the refugee program, he could be very successful.  Later we had some dancing a karaoke which was really a blast.  The prisoners had special permission to come out and party with us this evening, and if memory serves me correctly, they stayed until 22:00.  It was all really great fun.  These first few photos are of the women volunteers and a refugee from Iran, unfortunately the passage of time has faded his name and the names of some of the other refugees from my memory.

T. B.
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