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18 june 2001

One of the sunshine songs is playing and I'm thinking about Lien and the rest of the gang from the Broumov workcamp.  Today I got up this morning at about 8:00am after passing out from the bottle of wine I had last night.  Last night I paid 10,000 Lira to participate in the pizza feed.  It was pretty good pizza, and I was starving since I hadn't eaten all day.  Anyway, the pizza feed was outside and I sat and talked to a few people while I was munching away.  Drank a bottle of wine as well and my head was spinning after a few glasses.  I was talking to this very nice Aussie lady who is also on a long term trip... well until I tied to get off the bench and I accidentally scraped my dirty shoe across her nice clean pants, ooops.  She didn't talk to me much after that stunt.  After a few more minutes most people had moved back inside so I did as well.  I finished my bottle of wine at the table and then watched some movie before I was going to pass out right there at the table.

Today I woke up and decided to head towards an Internet Cafe in Siena.  I found a decent one that also has locations in Firenze, so I bought 40,000 Lira worth of time.  VFP came through for me and I'm registered for a camp from 15 July to 5 August.  I'll need to walk some 30 minutes to get to the location of the camp since there are no services to the small town.  There is also no electricity and other basic services that I may be accustom to.  We will also be making food from the garden so it's back on the vegan wagon again, for nearly three weeks.  So this workcamp should be interesting and definitely challenging.

Most of the time I spent in Siena was at the Internet Cafe, but I did managed to take a few pictures, well maybe one, of the Siena Duomo.  I also did some research on where I might head after here because punch face is looking like he's going to kick me out of here after Wednesday.  Hope I get a place similar to the one in Camping Fusina, but this place is called Camping Michelangelo.  It's just outside of Firenze so hopefully I can get a place.  My Aussie girlfriend must still be pissed at me for accidentally rubbing my dirty shoes on here pants because she pretty much sat at the furthest most point away from me at the table, d'oh!

After I got back from Siena I walked up to Certaldo Alto and took a few photo's of the old town before the sun went down.  I also got a cool picture of a really large cloud on the way back from town.  After Certaldo Alto I ate some really salty pizza at a local place.  It was majorly salty.  Now I'm back here at the hostel just trying to cool down since it's hotter than fuck right now for some reason.  I'm about half way through my bottle of wine so we'll see how it goes.  I think eating before drinking today will help me tonight.  Tomorrow I'll get my silly ass up so I can see Curtis.  I gotta figure out where their hostel or hotel is located.

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