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20 august 2001

Just got back from having a few pints from down the street and now I'm having some soup as a snack.  Today I got out of bed at about 8:30am to make it to breakfast before they closed by 9:30am.  Breakfast is bread and juice if you don't make it down early enough.  I had about our pieces of toast before I headed to St. Patrick's Cathedral.  I managed to miss the street I was supposed to use to cut over to the Cathedral, but I still managed to get to the place.  The Cathedral is really nice, with a real bent towards Jonathan Swift.  I walked around the Cathedral for about an hour, they have a very nice courtyard next door where I decided to take a picture.  At the Cathedral there was a buttload of tourist buses, it's a popular spot for a variety of people.  After leaving the Cathedral I was wondering what I might do next and I managed to locate the Guinness brewery.  The brewery is really a nice place, I think I was there for three hours walking around and enjoying my complimentary glass of Guinness.  They have a bar on the top of the place called Gravity where you are provided a spectacular view of Dublin.  After leaving Gravity I made my way down towards the hostel, but stopped in on the oldest pub in Dublin, Brazen Head, and had another pint of Guinness which was OK, but not as good as at the brewery.  By this time I was really feeling the two beers so I bailed back to the hostel and took a nap after I got something to eat.  After an hour or so I decided to get up and make my way down to a local pub before I crashed for the evening.  Last night I started reading Poland which I picked up in Glasgow at a second hand store, along with some pants. It's a fairly interesting book, so maybe I'll finish it quick.

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