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21 june 2001

I made it out here to Camping Michelangelo.  It is similar to Camping Fusina with the exception that there are no cabins like the one I stayed in before.  Since they have no cabins my only alternative is a tent, pre pitched.  I was really rank this morning when I made my way out of Certaldo.  I said good-bye to punch face and then walked my silly ass to the train station.  Walking through town was easy.  Getting to the camp site was difficult because I had to climb some reasonably steep hills with my pack.  Anyway, I made it here and had to wait an hour or so for the tent to be ready.  meanwhile I was starving, and since I bailed on breakfast this morning I decided to have some lunch while I waited.  After I got into my tent I collected all my laundry and bought a washer/drying token and then decided to take a shower.  Woa!  I needed that.  After I started my laundry, washing takes 70 minutes so I decided to shave my face and head.  Drying can take significantly longer, 120 minutes for the main cycle and then 10 minutes on another cycle.  I took a nap while that shit was going on.

I just recently folded my laundry and stored my freshly cleaned clothes in my backpack before I headed to the camp store for some T.P., tissues and wine.  I don't recognize any of the wines here so I just randomly choose one from the 6,000 lira shelf.  I'll probably get something to eat in a few minutes and then try the wine.  Right now I'm trying to plow through my 1,5 liter of water to make sure I'm properly hydrated.  I'm sitting here next to the bar/internet point, probably one of the best vista points at the campground where you can see a significant portion of Firenze.  From where I'm sitting I can see the top of the Duomo in the Piazza del Duomo to the left.  There's another Cathedral in plain view but I'm not certain which one it is.  Anyway, it should be a nice evening view from here, but I'm not certain how good of a picture I might get... I'll have to try a little later.  I've been thinking about doing some postcards so I might get some pizza and do that this evening.  Anyway, signing off for now.

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