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25 november 2001

I just realized that I skipped a few pages by accident in my journal.  The dinner last night was really good.  I was so stuffed I had to walk for a few hours just so I could breath again.  This morning after breakfast I decided to walk to one of Torino's vista points called Superga.  There is this Basilica on top of this nearby hill that has a square and an incredible view of Torino and the surrounding mountains.  It took nearly two hours to make the hike up the hill, it was brutal at some spots, but the view was well worth it.  I was up there for an hour or so walked around and taking pictures.  I even tried to go visit the Basilica, but there was a service going on so I only stayed in there for a few minutes.

They have all sorts of hikes around in the woods on the hill, it's incredible.  Tomorrow I hope to head to a few museums if any are open on Monday, if not I'll be doing some more walking.  After walking a little downtown I made my way over to the train station to hit the WC.  Italians really have a problem with standing in line and waiting.  I don't know what the big deal is but the guy I told to get in line after he cut in front of me wasn't too happy.  When I walked into the WC there was a line, they must have been non Italian.

I decided to find the Internet Train shop which is pretty close to the train station.  I found it OK, but after composing an e-mail to Lien their connection dropped, so I didn't get a chance to blast her a reply.  I also lost the time.  I'm going to us my time there and possibly go find another cafe.  They were also overpriced, 10,000 Lira, ouch.  I was going to eat at the hostel again tonight but they don't serve dinner on Sunday evenings.  No problem, I managed to locate a decent pizzeria but for some reason they wouldn't serve me a half liter of red wine.  It was right there on their menu, they had the typical half liter containers.  There was bottles of red wine all over the place... something was up, not sure what.  Their pizza was pretty good so that made up for the lack of wine.  Afterwards I just made my way back here where I've been writing like a madman.  Oh, one other thing, after washing my hat, it's like new!  I can't believe how messed up it was from all the sweat.  The white line around the rim is now white again.  Unreal.  Ok, I'm heading to bed fairly quick so I'll write more later.

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