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29 april 2001

I'm sitting here in the hostel, there's a movie going on right now on the TV.  Today I spent most of the day working on my web site in London.  I was going to do the work from Oxford but they wouldn't let me load my drivers to copy files from my digital camera.  They had let me load the driver before, but the guy was trying to explain to me they had changed their policy or something.  So I hoped on a bus to London and went back to the other Internet cafe near Victoria Station.  They are pretty cool there, the same people were there and they remembered me and my name.  I managed to get my files up to the server this time so Apollo Hosting seems to have fixed the problem.  I also managed to put some of the images out on the web site, as well as update a few journal entries.  I stayed there for five hours and then took the bus back to Oxford.  Hopefully I'll be booking my flights to Germany and other things, I also e-mailed some hostels in Berlin and Düsseldorf to check room availability.  I e-mailed my hostel contacts in German so it should be interesting to see what I get back!

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