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4 june 2001

I really fucked up by not taking a picture of the lovely Brazilians.  I e-mailed them yesterday in Spanish, but something was going wacko with the mail server so hopefully it went out.  I got totally wasted last night, like every night.  We were drinking shots in the bar before they kicked us out and we headed out to the shitty dance club, the Acrapulis.  I remember being there and talking to people.  I remember seeing Melissa from Canada and just hammering her about using her skills for the good of the people instead of some fucked up multinational like Exxon.  Anyway it was a cool conversation.  I really like Melissa, she is so bright and has such a charming personality.  I'm glad I've met her.  I spent most of yesterday doing research on how I'm going to get my silly ass out to Firenze to visit Curtis later this month.  I'm also going to attempt to escape from the Clown & Bard and head to Cesky Krumlov so I was also e-mailing some of the hostels there.  I think I spent about 7 hours in the Internet Cafe yesterday.  I've been sitting here in Cafe Amsterdam for about an hour and I think I'm still drunk from last night!  I'll be heading down to the Internet Cafe later on today.

Actually been walking with Michael today.  He caught up to me in Cafe Amsterdam and then we headed out to old town and surfed the web for an hour.  Anyway, after getting back from my research marathon I headed down the street to the authentic Czech restaurant and ran into Adam who had just ordered.  I was absolutely starving and ordered my first plate of goulash.  It was very, very good.  I'm glad someone suggested it the other day.  Anyway, we were talking and the beer was going down really well so I had a second place of goulash.

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