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9 june 2001

I'm back here at the hostel after being down at the local Internet Cafe drying out from getting wet whilst I was attempting to hike in the Czech countryside.  Yesterday we pretty much just hung out and kicked back for most of the day.  I may have had some time over at the Internet Cafe for an hour or so.  I pretty much completed the research for getting my silly ass to Italy.  Actually I made the reservation this morning before my attempted hike and also got to practice my Italian/Spanish.  Later on about 5 of us headed out and ate at a very nice restaurant before we headed out to one of the local bars and got majorly silly.  Paul and I had managed to get this couple, Ashley and Matt, as well as this wacky, but pretty cool lady Noela, out with us.  Before we left, my Argentinean amigo and I tried to get the hostel to allow us to make the bar into a disco.  I made a sign that announced the hostel would be playing disco music beginning at 10:00pm to ???.  We were going to charge 20 Kc for entrance and claimed we had Chevy Chase.  It was really cool, but they took the sign down since our neighbors are really grumpy about us making too much noise.  Well, it was a good idea but unfortunately we couldn't make it happen.

We tried to head to the snake bar but it was packed.  We headed down to the Babylon bar and began drinking there.  We were trading rounds and just talking for most of the evening.  The rest of the group wanted some pot so Matt spent about an hour rolling his joint before we actually moved outside and they proceeded to get high whilst I drank more beer.  There was this really plastered guy with his shirt off and her was trying to practice his English.  We got him to sing a song, well actually Ashley got him to sing.  I tied to get him to sing the Sax-Sanna witch song from the Roma kids but he refused.  Soon after he was passed out sleeping on a table and then back inside sleeping on another table but seated in a chair this time.  We made our way back at about 2:00am when the girls were cold.  I was talking to this other girl I met on the street that was going to Glasgow, but fucked up and lost them when I went inside for a few minutes to take a leak.  Oh well.  Maybe by chance I'll met them tonight as well.  Today has been a kick-back day.  I'm looking forward to the jazz gig tonight.  I'm a little slow right now because I need some food.

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