Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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After making my escape from the Clown & Bard hostel I made my way out to this little Baroque town called Cesky Krumlov. 

Cesky Krumlov is this very cool picturesque town with a lot of very well kept buildings.  You're really out in the country, the southern part of the Czech Republic.  Here are some various pictures of the town:

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

There is also a castle there in Cesky Krumlov.  This is a fountain in the garden.

Castle Garden

Also attached to part of the castle is this sundial.. woa! 


One day I did a few hikes, this is to a top of a hill where this old, closed church was sitting.  You can see Cesky Krumlov down below. 

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

I did a second hike that day out through a few towns.  The Czech Republic is really famous for their random placement of monuments, here's one I cam across while walking 


As some of you may have read in my journal, I did some major partying in the Czech Republic, especially here in Cesky Krumlov. One night I was hanging out with a bunch of people. Georgenes recently blasted me this picture of us in the hostel just hanging out and drinking some brews. I believe this was the evening we kept Andre up and the bar open until 3:00! Thanks for the photo Georgenes!

Paul, Ben, Georgenes and Ryan