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The three Duomo's: Ryan, curTIS & Fiore!

Album No.1

Venezia, Italy

Album No.2

Certaldo, Italy

Album No.4

Siena, Italy

Album No.7

Verona, Italy

Album No.5

Riva, Italy

Album No.8

Torino, Italy

Album No.3

Firenze, Italy

Album No.6

Como, Italy


In 2001 I participated in 5 workcamps, had so much fun I returned for a month long workcamp in 2002.  My first was in Broumov, Czech Republic where we worked on the local Pivovar, a brewery.  Unfortunately my workcamp in Belgium was canceled, but I managed to pick up another project in Zonca, Italy.  A wonderful place near Domodossola in the Italian Alps.  Afterwards I eventually made my way to my first French workcamp near Goncelin, about 45 minutes by car from Grenoble.  My next workcamp was in Mannenbach, Switzerland working for Peace Brigades International.  I wound up the year back in France at a castle called Le Créneau, about an hour away from Vichy.  I returned in August 2002 for a month-long workcamp in and around Muzzano, Switzerland.  These workcamps were available via VFP (Volunteers for Peace).


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