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The three Duomo's: Ryan, curTIS & Fiore!

Album No.1

Camino de Santiago

Album No.2

Santiago, Spain


In 2001 I participated in 5 workcamps, had so much fun I returned for a month long workcamp in 2002.  My first was in Broumov, Czech Republic where we worked on the local Pivovar, a brewery.  Unfortunately my workcamp in Belgium was canceled, but I managed to pick up another project in Zonca, Italy.  A wonderful place near Domodossola in the Italian Alps.  Afterwards I eventually made my way to my first French workcamp near Goncelin, about 45 minutes by car from Grenoble.  My next workcamp was in Mannenbach, Switzerland working for Peace Brigades International.  I wound up the year back in France at a castle called Le Créneau, about an hour away from Vichy.  I returned in August 2002 for a month-long workcamp in and around Muzzano, Switzerland.  These workcamps were available via VFP (Volunteers for Peace).


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