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July 2001

Zonca, Italy

Sorry there has been such a delay in getting these pictures on the web.  I'm pretty much taking a few days while I'm back here in Torino to do some massive updating.  The volunteers and the native Italians of Zonca were really great people.  Zonca, Italy is north of Torino, a few hours away via car, in the Italian Alps.  You can't drive a car, take a bus or even hitch a ride to Zonca... only via foot can you arrive there.  The town was built in the 15th and 16th centuries.  The houses are made of stone and wood.  Most of the volunteers slept on hay.  I slept on the hay for a few days and then just slept on the flat stone in the first house and then on a wood balcony in the second place we crashed.  To see Sofia's photo's of Zonca please click here.

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