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September 2001

Montalieu, France

I didn't manage to take a lot of pictures during my workcamp in Montalieu, France.  Fortunately other people took pictures and have also published them on the web.  Jona has published his pictures and they can be view by clicking on the navigation button above.  You will be leaving my website to view them.  We really had a great time in the workcamp.

Camp Code: FraCon018-01 
Start Date: 7-Sep-2001 
End Date: 29-Sep-2001 
Country: France 
Location: Passage (Alps) 
Ages: 17 and up. 
Teen Camp: Yes 
Volunteers: 14 
VFP Fee: $200.00 
Extra Fee: $0.00 
Report Refund: $0.00
In the Gresivaudan valley, one can find the beautiful Montalieu castle. The family who owns it is really fund of cultural activities: theatre plays, musical events, folk festival, ... through "Passage", a non profit organization they created a few years ago. Your project will be to help them go on with the restoration of the site. W: Very hard and physical, yet very rewarding as the construction of a stone walls using manual methods is very satisfying. You will learn how to carve stones, a very useful skill in this new-born century. L: Montalieu, some 5 km from Barraux, is on a hill dominating the Isere valley, that valley itself dominated by the Chartreuse (pre-alps massif of 2 000 m high) on the West side and the Belledonne (alps, 3 000 m) on the East. If you wish, you will be able to go hike, swim, ride a bike, ... So bring good shoes and a back pack. A: In the castle itself, you lucky you.. MEETING POINT: Train station of Pontcharra sur Breda. R: You will spend three weeks with a family, their friends, the members of Passage, ... If you can, bring a musical instrument and/or songbook. Keep also in mind that you are here to help and learn, not on "normal" vacation. This camp is only for vols who are willing to actively take part on a global project.

T. B.
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