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May 2001

Broumov, Czech Republic

My first workcamp is complete. Here are the shots I took during the two weeks. Most of the time we are hard at work, not too many photos there, meeting people and taking it easy.  To see about my return to Broumov please click here.

Camp Code: CzeInex3.1-01 
Start Date: 11-May-2001 
End Date: 25-May-2001 
Country: Czech Republic 
Location: Cultural Centre Brewery I 
Type: RENO 
Ages: 18 and up 
Teen Camp: No 
Volunteers: 10 
VFP Fee: $200.00 
Extra Fee: $0.00 
Report Refund: $0.00
L: Broumovsko region, formerly Sudeten one, is the distinctive region in the Czech Republic. The core of the region is Broumov town (Braunau). Unfortunately, right after the WWII the German inhabitants of this region were evicted from the country and there was an enormous wave of new inhabitants coming from inland and knowing nothing about the regional tradition and country life so that culture, social and industrial continuation was interrupted. Following the communist regime they started to destroy local heritage And what's more, human responsibility, consciousness of community were destroyed. Cultural Centre Brewery placed in building of the formal brewery should help with this situation. W: Basic cleaning-up of the terrible mess in newly required dilapidated building of former brewery. Decoration work within the Centre, preparation for first exhibitions. A: In one room, small kitchen available, sleeping bag and light mat necessary. S&R: Art workshop with Czech artist. History of the region and of the town Broumov, meeting with people working in the area of regional culture, with the chief of the Protected Landscape Area, trip to the sandstone rocks near by the town, climbing up the rocks with guard.

T. B.
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