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December 2001

Le Creneau, France

My last workcamp of the year was spent in France, about an hour away from Vichy.  This was a more unique workcamp for me since it was not the intensive labor variety that I had done in the past.  The volunteers were in Chateau des Prireaux helping to celebrate the holiday season with locals and guests from the surrounding area.  We had quite a good time.  Since I took so many pictures I have separated them into more manageable groups.  Please select the group you'd like to view by clicking on the photo or one of the links below..

Le Donjon parade
Le Créneau skits
Le Créneau games
Le Créneau XMAS party
Mexican April Fools dinner
Le Donjon party night
Le Créneau New Years party
Le Créneau stilts

Camp Code: FraSj88-01 
Start Date: 19-Dec-2001 
End Date: 5-Jan-2002 
Country: France 
Location: Chateau Des Prireaux IV 
Type: RENO 
Ages: 18 and up 
Teen Camp: No 
Volunteers: 12 
VFP Fee: $200.00 
Extra Fee: $0.00 
Report Refund: $0.00
W: Chateau des Prireaux is to become a community centre where intercultural meetings and various activities are being organized. Vols will be involved in the renovation of the building (mainly masonry work) and the improvement of the surrounding open spaces. They will also work with long term vols, disadvantaged persons hosted on the site, mentally handicapped and elderly people on the celebrations of Xmas and new year's eve. Such a meeting will be the opportunity to act concretely and in solidarity with persons coming from very different backgrounds and ways of living. A: In the castle. L: Chateau des Prireaux is in the centre of France, between Moulins and Vichy. T: Saint Germain des Fosses is the nearest train station.

T. B.
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