September 2001

Basel, Switzerland

Immediately following my workcamp in the lovely Ticino area I was in contact with Eva from my Mannenbach workcamp.  I remember having some issues with getting my PinCity phone card to work, I couldn't remember my code or something.  In any event, I finally got a hold of her on the 31st of August so after a tearful goodbye to all my volunteer friends, I made my way via train to Basel, Switzerland.  Basel is really a great town, but I only took a few photos of a fountain.  The first day we went to visit Eva's boyfriend in the hospital.  Earlier in the year he had broken his leg in a car accident, so he was returning to remove a rod the good Swiss doctors had used to heal his broken bone that had been irritating him.  One evening Eva and I made it to see a movie, this same movie Lea, Gerry and I saw while I was in Scotland: Eye of the Black Tiger, or something like this.  But this time it had French and subtitles!  Great movie non-the-less.  Basel was really a great layover before I made my way back to the Czech Republic.  Thanks Eva for letting me stay in your home!

T. B.
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