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August 2002

Dinner at the Prison

As with all my previous workcamps, the group worked together and cooked together.  Breakfast was really, very simple.  Whomever awoke first, usually Melanie and I, would help setup breakfast.  We had a second breakfast, or snack, while on the farm in the morning, and then were treated to a really nice lunch mostly consisting of food from the farm itself.  But the evenings was really the time we spent slaving in the kitchen!  Not really, but it was really a lot of fun making all sorts of different meals.  Periodically we would also eat outside in lovely, Swiss afternoon and evening, drinking wine, chatting, playing games and relaxing.  This evening was one of the first times we decided to try eating outside.  The locals in Torricella are fond of walking in the evening and I am sure we surprised a few of them when the would see our group, sitting outside, enjoying a meal!  We made some interesting prisoners!

T. B.
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