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August 2002

Padova, Italy

One of Mauro's friends runs a really, really nice SPA in Padova, Italy.  The only thing we had to do was to pay for the train ticket there and back, and maybe a few odds and ends.  Despite this offer, it was really trying for the group to commit  to going.  Finally, after some debate and discussion, four of us made our way to Padova.  Tauta, Annameke, Martin and I all had a really great time.  The SPA is just what you'd expect, a classy resort for people with cash.  We swam in the natural mineral water pools, took a turkish bath, ate some really nice food, drank some incredible wine, sneaked out and did a mid-night swim under the moonlight (sorry no photos), enjoyed Padova and had a really great time together.  It was really unfortunate that we all didn't get to go, but for those that went, we definately made up for their absence.

T. B.
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