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8 july 2001

I got up early this morning so I could do a little reading before I headed back to Siena.  I had about 4 pieces of toast and then started reading some more of Moby Dick.  Suzy, a very nice Aussie lady, and I traded some books.  I gave up Max Haveelar for a book of short stories.  Suzy also lent me, for the day, a book called The Alchemist.  The book is a fable about following your dreams.  I liked the book, it can be read in a few hours.  It's about a boy who follows his dream but has a lot of connotation with religion and metaphysics.  The book was also relevant in that it spoke quite a deal about travel and how to deal with loss and change.  It was a nice book, I had to give it back to Suzy.  I spent most of the time today reading in a square in Siena waiting for the Internet Cafe to open.

I finished updating the new pictures on my web site.  I also re-performed my research to get out to Torino.  It looks like I can get out there for about 59,000 Lira.  I'll then take a bus out to the workcamp.  I'm also hoping to stay in the Torino hostel for a night so I can take it easy getting out there on the bus.  I can take a train from Certaldo to Firenze and then change to another train to Milano and then another to Torino.  Siena was having some parades today with the person who won the town horse race.  I made my way back on the train again at the same time I took it yesterday and walked back the hostel after buying a 1,5 liter of water from my favorite ice cream place here in Certaldo.  I'm not certain what I'll be doing tomorrow, possibly back to Siena, not certain. I'm going to do some light reading before I crash.

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