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December 2001

Wein, Austria

Wein, Austria is a fantastic town and if you happen to find yourself in this ancient city during the New Years celebration, you may soon discover that it's best to be with a large group of friends or somewhere safer, outside the city center.  The Austrians are really polite, patient, fantastic people.  The Wein cafe's are top notch, the architecture is splendid, public transportation is efficient and the food is really, really good.  Like any foreign country, knowing just a little bit of the language can go quite a long way.


I spent the 2002 holiday season in Wein, and besides returning to Praha and Broumov in the Czech Republic, this was really my last European city before returning to California.  Several interesting things happened during the stay in Wein.  Most notable was the chance meeting of Tine and Bojana in a Austrian cafe.  I remember sitting there, trying to read a newspaper, and seeing Bojana.  I was really looking hard at this point, because I could not believe it was her.. so, of course I begin to survey the room for Tine.  Sure enough Tine exits the restroom and they begin to look for a table.  I'm sure all the other Slovenians I know are still in disbelief, but this chance meeting really *DID* take place!

T. B.
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