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September 2002 - January 2003

Broumov, Czech Republic

It was a rough trip getting back to Broumov, and really foreshadowed some of the issues that I would have to deal with while I was working there through, most, of the end of the year.  Using 20/20 hind site, I should have stayed in Ticino.  At least there I was working with people that wanted my help, saw progress on a regular basis and felt like I was making an impact in the daily lives, attitudes and general well-being of the refugees and prisoners.  In Broumov, the sidewalk moved faster than anything down at the Centrum Broumov.  Really unfortunate, but this is how it goes sometimes.  Since I did not have a visa to say longer than 30 days, I had to leave the Czech Republic periodically for a weekend, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Some of the things I really enjoyed while being back in Broumov was the Fall.  Here in California, quite arguably, we have two seasons.  The sunny season, and then a period when it's not so sunny.  But in middle Europe, they definitely have four seasons.  I had never really experienced Fall until this past year in Broumov.  What a wonderful season.  So during this time I did a lot of walking and some traveling.  Winter was not so enjoyable for this native Californian, and I soon discovered what a wimp I was when the temperature approached 0 degrees Celsius.  The middle Europeans can have this cold weather.  I also spent a lot of time reading and a little bit of time writing.  I was very fortunate to meet three other volunteers, working on a completely different project, there in Broumov.  I was simply amazed for a week after meeting Anka, Ursula and Irouchka.  Feel free to check back often to this particular page, especially if you are first discovering it here on my website in the middle of August since I will be adding the newsletter I produced for my friends and family while I was in Broumov.  Also on the list are some, or all, of my creative writing, anything available will be assessable from the top menu bar.  I just need a bit of time to sift through the small stack of papers, e-mails and other notes to get them organized.

T. B.
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