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January 2001

Camino de Santiago

After my workcamp near Vichy, France I made my way to the French - Spanish border to begin my Camino de Santiago.  There are two series of pictures I took during The Camino.  During the day I tried to take at least one picture of something, though that didn't always go as planned.  To see my daily self portraits while I was on the Camino click on the Pilgrim button.  To see some pictures I took while we were in Santiago click the Santiago button.  Both are available on the navigation bar above.  In any event, my Camino began in a small French town named St Jean Pied de Port, one day's hike through the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles, Spain.  My first day walking on the Camino was 9 January 2002.  I arrived in Santiago on 6 February.  It was an incredible journey and I highly recommend it to anyone.

T. B.
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