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February 2001

Santiago, Spain

Arriving in Santiago, Spain was the conclusion of my pilgrimage that began in St Jean Pied de Port on 9 January 2002 and ended on 6 February 2002.  I had decided that while I was on the Camino that I would not drink any alcohol until I arrived into Santiago.  I kept with this, the only exception being having about a glass of wine with 12 other pilgrims on one of our most fun nights in Mansilla de las Mulas!  So as you might expect we had a great evening.  Darryl, Caley, Jean-François and I all arrived together in the afternoon just as the Pilgrim's Office was opening.  For the first 10 pilgrims that arrive each day a local parador honors them by feeding them with three meals a day for three days!  What a great deal.

T. B.
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