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Evolve Technology Group

For those that are interested, I currently work for a small IT company named Evolve Technology Group. We are actually two companies, Evolve and Metropolitan Netcomm. Our owners sponsored a fantastic holiday party on 5 December at Moxie's restaurant, located on 3440 C Street. We all had a really fantastic time with plenty of wine, beer, food and friends. Not so many pictures came out, in fact my camera's batteries died during the event. But here we are, having a really great time!

Since I returned from being an adventurer, traveler and volunteer in Europe, I have been working for an IT company, old habits die hard 8^). There are actually two companies, Evolve Technology Group and Metropolitan Netcomm, and on 5 December 2003 we converged on Moxie's Restaurant for our holiday bash. What a fantastic time! Thanks to Robert, Paul and Susan for making this holiday season special.

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