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Polish Volunteers in California

Kuba, Radislaw and I made our way down into Big Sur for a four day weekend where we snorkeled, hiked, camped, partied and had a general good time relaxing in the, oftentimes, visually stunning California scenery.

Kuba and Radislaw came to America on an exchange program from Poland.  The program is called Work and Travel.  Initially they lived and worked in the Chicago area, but towards the end of their stay, they flew out here to Sacramento, California to visit me!  The highlights of their trip here in California was Sacramento, camping in Sequoia National Park and Big Sur, enjoying the nightlife and scenery in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Francisco as well as shopping at the Vacaville Factory Outlets.

I had to work most of the time, but I did manage to secure a four day weekend to head down to Big Sur with my two Polish friends.  We hiked in Big Sur, snorkeled in the ocean, enjoyed some of the nightlife in Monterey and Santa Cruz and a quick three hour tour of San Francisco where, somehow, we managed to hit all the attractions on the list:  a ride on San Francisco's famous cable cars, to see Alcatraz from the peer, have some west coast clam chowder and see Lombard Street.  In any event, I was personally glad to make it home after all the fun in the sun.

After being in the car for quite a few hours, we finally made it to the coast.

Later on in the evening we managed to find the campsite, Point Sur, the site that a co-worker had suggested we stay.  The campsite sits at the Northwest point of the Santa Lucia range, really a beautiful area of California.

We did a lot of running around in the Big Sur area, and one morning we made out way out to the Julia P. Burns State Park to do some hiking and site seeing of the area.  While we were in the area we initially made our way to the McCoy falls, right on the Pacific Ocean.

Really, just a short 5 minute walk from the parking lot, you will find yourself on the coast with a breathtaking view of the falls and the California coastline.  Here are a few samples.

After spending some time at McCoy falls, we made our way back to the parking lot to have a bit of a snack before we began to do some more serious hiking in the Santa Lucia's.  Most of the time I was trailing, it's tough for this 34 year old to keep up with the young Polish kids!

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