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1 july 2001

July 1st, it can't be... I must be a better vagrant that I originally thought!  Yesterday I read most of the day.  I made my way downtown to get something to eat, but my favorite take away place was closed, d'oh!  I had tried there tonight as well, but they were closed early, probably because it's Sunday.  Anyway Apollo Hosting wants to try to compensate me with a one month credit.  I've been thinking about it and still can't come to a conclusion.  I'm screwed either way, it doesn't matter if I stay or if I go. 

After checking e-mail I headed back down to the same restaurant the cool waiter had suggested the other day.  After eating there, and consuming half a liter of vino rossa I made my way back to camp, but not before I made my way to another midnight snack place where I got a couple of sandwiches cheap!  You know, it doesn't matter what time of day or night, weather its raining or not, I arrive back to camp after climbing the hill a big sweaty mess.  After I got back last night I did my usual routine of washing my face and head.  Sometimes it helps.  Afterwards I chilled out on the patio, drank a bottle of wine and the remainder of my water and then went to my ten and passed out.  Actually last night was pretty warm so I stayed awake for some time.  I had drank so much wine and water I had to take a fucking piss a few times during the evening and early morning hours.

This morning I got out of my tent a little more early than normal, it was pretty hot so it made sense.  The store had some cool Muslix that I bought and ate this morning.  Afterwards I began to do some more reading of Moby Dick until it began to rain and people were really being noisy and I couldn't concentrate so I decided to take a nap before I bought some sundries for shaving, etc.  At about 5:00pm I woke up from my nap, it was thundering and raining, I made my way to the store and bought my supplies, including a tube of shaving cream, interesting.  Tubes of shaving cream are different than normal shaving cream, but I managed to shave anyway.  I'm still trying to scrape the shit off my head!

I made my way into town to get some food and I stopped by the original pizza place for some wine and pizza, woa!  Still a little buzzed from the gig.  Afterwards I made my way back up the hill to camp with the obvious results.  I've probably been here for about an hour, drinking water, writing and hanging out and I'm just beginning to cool down.  I can't believe how fast 15 days has gone by here.  Pretty soon I'll be back in Certaldo and then off to my workcamp.  Time is really flying here in Italy!

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