25 december 2001 | Travel Journal

25 december 2001

Bonne Noel!  I'm hanging out in the Grand Salon after hanging out until 05:00 for our XMAS party.  We had breakfast/lunch at about 14:30 and now it's about 16:30.  In a few hours I'll try to call home for a few minutes on Kate's telephone card.  The last time I was writing I was stick on the bus from Berlin to Paris.  I had to stop writing because it became too difficult with the guy leaning back in his seat.  Back to my story about the bar.  This German guy had taken interest in Gabor and me, but we didn't know what he wanted.  He was getting a little pissed off because we were laughing.  It was at that moment I told him I didn't speak German so he just walked back to the bar.  We were still watching the wacko German at the bar.  He ordered a white wine, drank it and then left.  That night we got home quite late, but we slept in until about noon or so.

T. B.
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