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18 december 2001

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The last few days in Slovenia were really fun.  Unfortunately I had to leave.  The last day is was snowing and we went on this hike with Patricija.  It was really nice.  Basically we went up this hill and made our way down some trail back to Patricija house.  The train was really slippery and I was falling quite a bit.  Natasa eventually had to make her way to work so it was just Patricija and me.  We drank some tea and hung out and talked for a while until a little later we made some food and drank some wine.  Patricija is a really nice lady, it was fun hanging out with her.

The next day Natasa took me to the train station so I could make my way to Berlin.  It was sad to leave Kranj, it had been really nice in Slovenia.  I took the train in the morning and had left my few Slovenian Tollars with Natasa.  When the ticket agent

came by and looked at my ticket he told me I had to pay a supplement.  Fortunately he let me pay in DM's since I had left all the SIT's behind.  The day before I had been in e-mail contact with Jona and since my train was stopping in Munich I told him I'd visit him for a few days.  When I was getting off the train an older lady enlisted me to help her carry one of her bags.  Earlier on the train she had asked me a question I didn't understand so I told her I didn't speak German.  This didn't stop her from handing me her bag with a please.  So there I am, walking with my backpack and this old lady's bag when I come across Jona.  I have to tell him I've been enlisted!  At the end of the platform the lady wants her bag back and we exchange goodbye's and I walk away with Jona.  We really had a great time those three days.  The first night we did a little walking around and hanging out.  That night Jona cooked some great chili con carne.  We ate with his roommate and his girlfriend.  That's when the drinking began!  Jona doesn't drink beer, but his roommate does.  We managed to plow through 7 or  9 half liter bottles and then several bottles of wine and the Jaeger that Rich gave me in Mannenbach.  By this time it was about 3:00 and we were all pretty plowed.  I slept in my clothes on a cot that Jona had set up for me.

The next day we spent walking around some more, visiting a few churches and some museums.  The first museums were in this small building.  They had a pedal car museum, night pot museum, perfume museum and a few others.  Some guy had ridden a pedal car from Munich to Dresden, wacko!  The next museum was really cool.  They had planes, ships, submarines, engines, mines and all sorts of really cool things.  We also caught this high voltage electricity show there in the museum.  It was really nice.  Afterwards we made our way back and had some dinner and made some chili con carne.  We actually just heated the leftovers.  That evening Jona had telephoned his friend Eva and we all headed out to this bar and drank and talked.  We had a really good time.  I think we got back at about 1:00.  I had decided to take a late morning so Jona saw me off to the HBF on his way to school.

The train ride out to Berlin was nice.  I got some reading done on Dante's Inferno.  Gabor had called Jona during the day to find out what train I got on, so he met me at the Ostbahnhof.  I was a little tired from the train ride but we made our way to Gabor's flat.  I met his roommate Kevin, and we had a bite to eat and chilled out for a little while.  That night we made our way down to a bar for an event some of Gabor's friends were putting on.  We drank quite a few beers down there and listened to a local jazz band.  They played some Billy Colbin as well.  Afterwards Gabor's friends did their gig, it was in Ginglish (German and English), so I could understand some words, but not everything.  Later on that evening some German guy took some interest in us, but we didn't know what he really wanted.  He was beginning

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