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1 june 2001

Well actually it just passed midnight only a few seconds ago.  I had a lot of fun last night with a few of my fellow hostellers.  I was hanging out with an Aussie and an American from Idaho until late.  After we got kicked out of the bar at midnight we made our way down to a dance club.  Actually we hung out at a bar next door for an hour or so before we went into the club.  They were playing some techno music and people were really getting into it.  I didn't dance, but hung out at the bar drinking beer.  One round my fellow American bought me some absinth which was very dangerous.  I'm glad I only did one since I had no protection from myself from the result of getting too silly.  Absinth is an odd drink.  You get a spoon full of sugar which you dip in the absinth and then light on fire.  You burn the sugar until it caramelizes and then you toss it into your shot of absinth and drink it.  Normally this would be very cool except I was way too drunk to have burning alcohol at my immediate disposal.  I kept lighting my absinth on fire by accident which wasn't cool I guess.  Well I slammed the absinth and then went back to beer.  Adam, the Aussie, was telling me he wanted, or actually attempted to jump out of a two story window while on absinth.  Luckily someone was there to stop him.

Anyway we hung out there for a while and Adam and I bailed in search of some food.  While we were walking around we met two Czech guys that were going to show us where we could get a bite to eat.  We wandered around for three hours and I never got anything to eat.  At about 5:00am I noticed we were near the park which is about 1 km from where the hostel is located.  I was a little tired of walking around so I took the opportunity to exit stage left and made my way back to the hostel.  I couldn't believe how hammered I was as I was making my way through the park.  I almost just crashed in the grass but somehow I found the strength to move down the road.  As I was getting close to the hostel I noticed that the Cafe Amsterdam was open, well at least the door was open so I thought I'd walk in and see if my girlfriend waitress was there.  She was, and she was none too happy to see me walk into the cafe as it was closed, ooops.  I think I lost that Czech girlfriend, she is very pretty so it's a real shame.  She was yelling at me in Czech to get the fuck out of her cafe so I left and made it back to the hostel to crash.

I think the Brazilian girls are in my dorm, Adam or someone had pointed them out to me last night.  I slept and napped until late, is was past 2:00pm before I dragged me lazy ass out of bed.  I made my way down to Cafe Amsterdam for some breakfast and my girlfriend was nowhere in site.

I gotta  relocate from my present location, the light in the hallway is bothering a lady in the dorm next to me.

Ok, made it down here to Cafe Amsterdam, though I am not too certain how long I will get to stay.

I was starving when I got down to the cafe.  I had the meat and cheese platter which was really very good.  I also had some toast and orange juice.  I had a mild headache when I got up and it was still bothering me during the breakfast.  After eating I sat there and finished a few chapters in Ivanhoe.  I have been making some major headway the last few days.  I may be finished within a few days.  I headed over to the hostel after I got sick of sitting there in the Cafe.  I had bought a 2 liter bottle of coke at the market up the street and taken some Advil when I settled down with my book to plow through some more reading.

At about 6:00pm or so I saw Adam and he filled me in on the rest of his evening which included heading out to where the Czech guys lived, some 40 km away! Unreal.  After talking with Adam for a while I headed down to the Internet Cafe to check e-mail and do some research on going to Cesky Krumlov and flying in and out of Italy.  Most of the time I wrote e-mails.  The cafe was closing early due to some construction work being done so I got kicked out a little early.  I spent a lot of time replying to e-mail.  I got a message from Lien, Sanna, Kosaku and Misa.  I think I spent an hour writing a reply to Misa.  I was pretty excited to get an e-mail from her, she is such a cool lady.  Elizabeth also e-mailed me, she attached a recent picture of their kid.  I had hoped to put it on my web site but I didn't have enough time since they closed early.  I also tried to get another vegan sandwich but they were closed when I arrived, d'oh!  I guess the beer I'm currently drinking will serve as my midnight snack.

I walked back towards the hostel and stopped to have dinner at a local Czech restaurant.  I had a pizza and a couple of beers for 134 Kc, what a deal.  I hung out there drinking and eating until almost midnight when I made my way back to the hostel to write in my journal.  While I was writing, a few Americans were talking to me. Aron, a female from California was way drunk.  It was pretty funny to talk to her.  Her friend is in my dorm and feeling a little under the weather so I offered some of my drugs I picked up in Berlin.  About that time the lady came out of the other dorm and told us to shut up.  She then came out to check if we were going so I figured she didn't like the light.  Anyway, I'm hanging out watching the Czech get silly here in Cafe Amsterdam, it's pretty funny.

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