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10 june 2001

I must have been famous last night because everyone was trying to hunt me down.  We had a live band last night in the hostel, they played fusion jazz.  They were really good.  After we hung out in the hostel for a while we headed back down to the Babylon bar.  We really had a great time last night.  Mostly I talked to people and played some silly games.  We had some Kiwi's and Ben, another Aussie from another hostel in the bar, but sitting in different places.  I was trying to get them together to talk and help bridge the gap between the Aussie's and the Kiwi's.  It was pretty funny, neither group wanted to get up and walk 5 meters to meet the other.  Finally I managed somehow to convince one of the Kiwi girls to go over.  It was great!  She only stayed for about 3 minutes and then returned to the safely of the other Kiwi.  Mad.

I was doing some other games as well, introducing Rowan, this Aussie that did this three week hike in Nepal with his buddy who is also at the hostel, to other people in the bar.  I also tried to hook him up with this Kiwi as she was leaving.  I asked her if she needed an escort back to her hostel.  She was suspicious of the question and asked me if I thought she needed an escort, and if I was going to escort her.  This statement played into my plan and I told her I wasn't going to escort her and turned to Rowan and asked him if he'd escort the Kiwi back to her hostel.  It was pretty funny.

I also got intercepted by this local Czech who wanted to talk to me.  While we were talking we did a little wrestling and we managed to end up on the floor somehow.  Anyway he was telling me he was going to get married and he wanted me to talk to his girlfriend so I did.  She didn't speak any English, it was funny.  Our conversation consisted of me listing all the Czech words I know.  I'm sure she thought I was a wacko.

Oh, I almost forgot, the English girl and her friends that are going to Glasgow tracked me down!  She had this list of cool places to go in Glasgow.  I was amazed.  She had already written it out and everything.  I gave her a hug before she left, she was way cool.

That night I managed to really smack my head on the low ceiling in the passage to the bathroom.  It knocked me to the floor, it was unreal.  I was laying there looking at the ceiling saying ouch.  The Czech bartenders from the hostel were also there.  Andrea was interested in meeting this girl so I helped him out and started a conversation with her and then went on and did something else.  Andrea talked to her and her buddies for quite some time.  I found out later that he was going to hook up with them today.

I got back from the hostel just as Donald was leaving to catch his train, sometime after 4:00am.  I managed to get out of bed at 10:20am or so to get breakfast and talk to the Aussie's and review the nights events.  Today I'm doing laundry, took a shower and shaved.  I've already seen Ben and his girlfriend here at the Internet Cafe and we will probably see each other again at the bar tonight.  It takes about 4 hours to do laundry here so I'm just killing a little time hanging out before I head back to the hostel and out to eat and drink.  The Aussie's are great fun so it should be interesting tonight.

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