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10 november 2001

Sanna and I just got back from a walk alongside lago Como.  We thought we could walk all the way around the lake, but this was a grave mistake since the lake is so large!  It was a lot of fun walking today, we made our way to a bunch of places along the walk.  Eventually we wanted to get something to drink so we ended up in this small little local bar.  We first ordered some beer and some locals convinced us to try to wine, it was much cooler.  I made the orders in Italian and the bartender lady understood me, it was really cool!  Sanna needed to get some shopping done before heading back to Switzerland on Sunday.  We will meet up at 17:00 tonight to head back out to an Irish Pub to get silly again tonight.  Sanna's hillside village is really nice.  I've been participating in some of their activities, cleaning dishes, making dinner and doing some manual labor.  One morning, after breakfast, I went on a hike by myself up the mountain.  It was really nice there and I could see the lake and dam really well.  After walking around up I made my way back down to meet Sanna for another walk down to the dam where the first part of GoldenEye was shot.  It was simply incredible to look over the edge, it made my stomach turn.

Friday afternoon our little adventure began.  First we took a little bus trip to where Sanna's group meets for lunch and hammers rocks.  The lunch was really fantastic.  After lunch they hammered rocks, so did I, it was a lot of fun.  The group does this mantra via pounding the rocks, I didn't know so I just started pounding, really fast, and out of rhythm.  I tried to make an egg but I ran out of time because we had to leave to come out here to Como, Italy.  We took a train out here, but initially we weren't sure if it was the same town.  Somehow, with the help of a nice, fellow American from the States, we got directions to the hostel.  This particular hostel is very strict on hours.  Our silly asses have to be back by 23:30 or we get locked out.  The hostel is also closed between 10:00 and 16:00, Jesus!

Last night really was fun, we made it to the hostel at about 21:00 or so.  We decided to head out and get silly.  First we had to make our way to the Bancomat for some cash.  Really close to the Bancomat was this little panini shop with a bar, it was pretty cheap there so we had a few sandwiches and a shit load of alcohol.  I had 4 Cuba Libre's and a beer.  Sanna had a beer, two Cuba Libre's and a peach vodka drink.  We were really smashed.  Our waitress was also very cool and I was teaching her some English like, "one for the road."  which is, "una para la estrada."  It was really unfortunate we had to leave because it was such fun there.  I almost forgot to write about my train experience.  Sanna and I got stuck in the smoking section of the train and when we were crossing the border from Switzerland to Italy, immigration took special note of me.  First they wanted my passport, no problem, pretty normal.  Next they asked me if the backpack above me was mine.  I said yes, then they wanted to search it.  Ok, no big deal except there really isn't a good place for them to do their job except on a seat.  While they were searching my bag and really fucking up my packing job the dog came by and must have sniffed my bag about 15 times!

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