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11 june 2001

It is really raining right now.  I got soaked walking the 20 meters from the Internet Cafe to the hostel.  We got really silly last evening, first here at the hostel and then on down the road at the M Club.  The Aussies are great fun.  We were telling jokes and talking down in the hostel bar until about 11:00pm.  The Aussies were telling me about their hike through Nepal.  Anyway, last night was the second night in a row that I failed to eat dinner, with the exception of chips and then drinking like a fish.  We must have had 10 beers or so over the course of the evening.  I also had two shots later on in the evening as well, I can't believe I did that.

Anyway at the M Club we played pool with three local Czech girls, it was fun.  I was talking to one of them that spoke a little English.  We stayed there until almost 2:00am.  Superman was really fucking drunk after we left the M Club and basically stumbled back to the hostel.  Paul and I went over to the Snake Bar and had a few drinks and talked to a few people before we headed back ourselves.  When we got back to the hostel for some reason I wanted tea, so I made some.  As I was waited for it to steep I fell asleep sitting on the couch.  I work up sometime, maybe 5 or 6:00am and rediscovered I was in the kitchen so I bailed and went to sleep.  Somehow I work up at 10:00am, actually I think I was waking up a lot after getting into bed, and managed to get some breakfast before they closed up.  Afterwards I came back upstairs and crashed until about 1:30pm.  I checked my e-mail and discovered that my workcamp in Belgium had been canceled.  That really sucked.  I was really looking forward to being there.  I've selected another workcamp here in Italy since I'm going to be there to meet Curtis in Firenze.  The workcamp is in the Tuscany region, fairly close to Firenze I believe.  Anyway, it looks like I will be spending part of June and July in Italy.  After doing the e-mail gig Rowan and I headed to the gypsy bar and had a snack.  We talked to these Germans for an hour or so before making our way back to the hostel.  I called Aphi eagle, the airlines that will fly me from Berlin to Venezia to confirm my flight.  I also made my way back to the Internet Cafe to check if VFP had replied, they hadn't.  I also noticed that Apollo Hosting has changed their site creation tool to something new.  The tool requires you to download some 11MB

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