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12 may 2001

I'm here in my first workcamp in the Czech Republic.  I have spent the last few days in Praha, which is a great city.  The train ride was pretty cool and my first night in Praha was also very fun.  The next night I hung out with one of the people in the dorm, Steve, who is from Michigan.  He is a pretty cool person and just a young guy wandering around Europe on his semester break.  During the day I hung out in Praha, walking around old town and across Karlove Moot, the bridge across the river in Praha.  Walking around Praha is very nice.  The town in not like other large cities in Europe that I have visited.  It is difficult to place my finger on the different qualities right now other than the feel of the town is not like a major city.  Praha also has some very beautiful women.  The Czech men are very lucky.

The next day my sole objective was to buy some soap and some shaving cream.  I also had to get my ticket at the bus station so I could make it out to Broumov.  These three activities took most of the day.  In fact, after eating breakfast I didn't make it back to the hostel, except for a few minutes to ask for some directions, until past 4:00pm.  When I got back I shaved my head and face and then talked to some English guys in our dorm.  They had some great stories about being in the military and life in general.  I was pretty hungry so Steve and I made our way down the street and ate and then hooked up with the English down in the bar.  We had a pretty cool time drinking and talking.  After the hostel bar closed we headed out and messed around, eventually ending up in some bar where we drank until about 3:00am.  We all had a great time as, once again, the English have proven to be a lot of fun.  It's getting late and I want to make sure I'm on my toes tomorrow so I will be bailing for the evening.

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