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12 october 2001

I made it here to the fun and exciting town of Yately to visit Scott.  To get my silly ass out here from Ox I took a bus from Victoria and then walked to Waterloo train station.  At Waterloo I took another train to a small town called Blackwater.  Some nice lady in a pizza joint next to the train station told me where I could catch the bus to Yately, where I am currently, I've been sitting here at the White Lion pub drinking Bass ale out of the pump and just soaking in the sun.  It is a beautiful, clear day and the White Lion has a few tables outside.  I've just started my second pint out here and I've been watching the cars whiz by. I'm supposed to call Scott at 6:30pm... and I hope we get majorly silly tonight!

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25 december 2001

Bonne Noel!  I'm hanging out in the Grand Salon after hanging out until 05:00 for our XMAS party.  We had breakfast/lunch at about 14:30 and now it's about 16:30.  In a few hours I'll try to call home

18 december 2001

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10 december 2001

It's been a few days since I've written, been having way too much fun here in Slovenia.  Right now Natasa and I are hanging out in this pub in Begunje, a small town near Bled.  Natasa's birthday was m


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