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12 september 2001

Today's work was difficult.  In the morning Jonathan and I began to dig the ditch in front of the wall we will replace.  After a little while, maybe a few hours, we moved to where they are collecting stones down below the wall.  It really sucks trying to move the stones there because the hill is so steep.  Someone pointed out to me today that I will be working all five days this week since I will work in the kitchen on Sunday.  The meals have been very good this week, so these poor bastards will be very disappointed on Sunday, possibly.  After work I just kicked back, finished my book on Poland and then took a shower and shaved my head and face. Most people headed to Grenoble after lunch.  I would have liked to go but I was really wasted and tired.  I lent my Dante book to Natasa and she is currently reading the intro.  Hopefully I'll start reading the book during the workcamp, but I can always go back to reading Moby Dick!  Once again it's getting cold out here so I will probably bail pretty soon.

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25 december 2001

Bonne Noel!  I'm hanging out in the Grand Salon after hanging out until 05:00 for our XMAS party.  We had breakfast/lunch at about 14:30 and now it's about 16:30.  In a few hours I'll try to call home

18 december 2001

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10 december 2001

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