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13 april 2001

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Today I arrived at Heathrow and had a pretty easy time locating the bus for Oxford.  The locals call this town Ox, similar to the jerks in Las Vegas with shortening names of streets.  I took a train from terminal 3 to terminal 4 to catch my bus and off I went to Oxford.  Once I made it to Gloucester square it took a while to orient myself in the direction of the hostel, but I eventually made it there without any problem.  I was going to surf the 'net from there but their machines were being grumpy. I was fortunate to locate an internet cafe running a special for £1 per hour, what a deal!  I e-mail a few people that I had made it safely to my first destination and also got my 5th confirmation for the workcamp in Belgium, yippee!  After leaving the internet cafe I walked around Oxford for a while to get my bearings.  I'll probably do a few tours of the college quads tomorrow.  I'm starving right now so I'm off to get some food!

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