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13 november 2001

Today has already been a pretty long day and it's not even 20:00 yet!  I managed to drag my silly ass out of bed this morning at about 9:00.  I ate my morning bread and orange juice, which the Italians call breakfast, and headed down to the Black Panther, the local Internet cafe.  I was down there for 6 hours trying to update my web site.  I managed to answer some e-mails first and then work on some of my journal entries.  I probably have a good 20 more hours of work just on my journal and maybe at least that for the pictures.  My ass is so flat from sitting on that chair I can't believe I'm sitting right now.  Anyway, hopefully people will be happy with the additional entries.  I'm not certain when I'll have time to do more.  I haven't had time to eat again today so at 20:00 I'm heading down to one of the bar restaurants I've been hanging out in and get some food maybe some Cuba Libre's!  I've also done some investigation as to where I will be heading next.  I think I will be taking a train ride to Verona.  I called the hostel there and they have room.  I still hope to make it back to Torino to take an Italian class.  I also heard from Alessia, she is in the hospital still and will be there until Friday.  I'm a little worried about her, but I'm sure she will be fine.  She gave me the info on the PBI training so I blasted an e-mail off to Christine for additional information.  The workshop will be later this month so I'll see how that goes.  Ok, time to move and get some food!

Woa, made it down to this other bar and I've already had a Cuba Libre and I'm working on my second.  The bartender guy just came by and we had a quick conversation in Italian!  Woa!  I'm going to bail out of here to see my girlfriend at the other place at about 20:00.  It was really cool the bartender came over to me and talked to me in Italiano.  He also makes some seriously stiff Cuba Libre's!  I was thinking today that it was also really cool that I got a reply from Rachel so quickly.  I really miss her.

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