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14 june 2001

I'm out here in a cabin at this place called Camping Fusina outside Venezia.  Today I left Berlin and took a plane into Marco Polo airport.  I then took a bus from the airport to Mestre, the train station, and then I got on another bus out here to Fusina.  I'm sitting here in a cabin way out in the middle of nowhere.

Back to where I left off the other day.  Looks like Apollo Hosting has implemented another new tool that I'll have to use instead of a normal browser.  What a fucking mess.  Looks like I'm going to have to hack HTML now since they removed the other tool completely.  I'm going to try to get them to see it my way one more time before I give up on them.

Anyway, the next day, after eating breakfast I took a little nap and then did some work on the internet, some other local Internet Cafe.  Rowan caught up to me about 20 minutes after I had been there.  We headed back towards the hostel after about an hour and managed to stop into the gypsy bar/restaurant and get a little late lunch/early dinner.  While we were hanging out this really excited German couple was talking to us about their school and jobs and all sorts of things.  Afterwards I managed to get back to the hostel for a few minutes before I headed out to the local telephone booth to confirm my flight today.  I was really excited about the news concerning my Belgian camp being canceled so I also checked my e-mail again for an hour before I went back and hung out and talked to the Aussies in the kitchen until about 10 or 11:00pm.

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