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14 november 2001

I just got back to the hostel for the last evening they will be open for the season.  I spent 5 more hours at the Black Panther Internet cafe and I caught up my first book of journal entries so that should keep some people happy for a while.  I also answered some e-mails as well.  It looks like Natasa is willing to head to Venice for Alessia's party.  That's going to be way cool!  After coming back to the hostel last night I hung out for a little and then made my way to my two favorite bars.  The first place with the wacko music and then on to see my girlfriend at the other bar.  I got to the second place at about 20:00 and I was already pretty plastered.  There was a few people there, including my bella who was running around all over the place.  I had my same sandwich and I started on my third or forth Cuba Libre for the evening.  I only had an hour to eat another snack and drink a few more Cuba Libre's.  My last drink I tried my Italiano phrase, una para la estrada, but my girlfriend had forgotten this was an English saying directly translated into Italian.  She thought I wanted one to take with me on my way back to the hostel.  I told her the police might arrest me and then I said it's an English saying and then she understood.  I was really starting to get hammered and that last one I had to really slam.

It was getting past 23:00 and I needed to boogie, but I first wanted to give me girlfriend a hug, but I wasn't sure how to say it in Italian.  I thought about it for a moment and just figured I'd try it in English.  I walked over to her at the cash register where she was handing out some coffee or something.  I asked her if I cold give her a hug, but she didn't understand.  I'm pretty sure I tried again, but still she didn't understand so I just extended my hand and she took it.  She was saying something like what the heck are you going to do to me, but she understood when I put my arms around her and gave he a quick hug.  She said, ahhh, ok.  I was laughing at this point and I also needed to boogie so I said ciao to everyone and walked out the door.  I had to really hurry back, and for a few minutes I thought I'd stop in to the other bar for one more as well, but this was just craziness so I just kept walking past that bar.

About 50 meters from the hostel I realized that I had forgotten to pay my bella, d'oh!  When I got back I explained to the local Italians running the hostel what I did and they thought it would be OK to return in the morning and pay.  In the morning I had the reception lady help me write a sentence of apology for not paying my bill: Mi dispiace di non aver pagato ieri sera.  It should be I forgot to pay my bill last night, but it could mean I have a piece of cheesecake in my pants for all I know.  Anyway, I was a little early when I walked by so I made my way to the train station to buy my train ticket to Verona and then to the bank.  By the time I made it back to the bar they were open and my girlfriend was working!  I got my little piece of paper out with my sentence and tried it out.  I think there was only one other person in the bar and we were all laughing.  This lady is really cool, she bought one of my drinks for me and I paid the rest.  What a sweetheart.  Anyway, she wanted me to stay for coffee but I told her I don't drink anything except Cuba Libre's!  HA!  I told her again that I was going to Verona tomorrow and she invited me back to the bar tonight for my last evening, way cool.  It's only 17:30 so I have some time.

I made it down here to my favorite bar to see my girlfriend.  Anyway, since I've been banging away at writing my journal online I've been reading through my entries and noticed a recent gap in one of my stories in Mannenbach.  The evening Fiona invited me on the walk we came to

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