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14 october 2001

I've made it out here to Salisbury for a little day trip to Stonehenge.  These last two nights partying with Scott and Dean have been mad!  I had three pints down at the White Lion before I staggered across the street and called Scott.  He had been waiting for me at the Blackwater station.  We hooked up with Melissa and one of her friends and headed down to their favorite local pub where Dean, Scott's brother, was already hanging out.  I remember Scott kinda saying that it was a family place.  I didn't quite think it was a family place but a cool, loud bar!  We got nuts down there ,it was a lot of fun.  Dean is an incredible drinker, he was doing these £10.00 pictures of Vodka/Red Bull and WKD ale, some blue shit that tasted pretty good.  I'm sure I bought at least one of those myself.  I think there are two cans of Red Bull and four healthy shots of vodka.  We made it back to Scott and Dean's place and ate some pizza and watched a movie.  It was really great to see Scott in his natural environment.  It looked like Scott was going to hook up with Melissa's friend Marie, but it didn't happen, just a flirt.  I passed out on their floor after Scott and I talked until sometime after 2:00am.

We all woke up at about noon yesterday and did a little running around until 6 of us caught a train to Guildford to do a little party action.  We ended up first at this bar where they were serving £1 vodka/Red Bull substitute drinks.  I was buying 5 at a time.  After 9:00pm, when the special ended, we moved to this other pub where people were just milling around and dancing around the pub.  I danced most of the night next to where everyone was sitting.  It actually was a lot of fun and a major workout.  I was really sweaty and still drinking like a madman.  Allison, Dean's girlfriend, danced with me sometimes.  She asked me if I knew the music that was playing and if I liked dancing.  I answered negatory to all those questions and told her I typically listen to jazz!  She is a nice lady and took it pretty well.  We all got kicked out of there at about 11:00pm so we made it back towards the train station.  I was doing my normal gig and was asking people if they would vote for Chelsea Clinton!  We managed to talk to a few locals that had my name as well, it was pretty funny.  We were arm wrestling on the train and having a good time. After they got off we were talking to these very young girls and we missed our stop, that sucked!  We tried to hitch a ride at the train station but failed so we took a taxi back.

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