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15 april 2001

Woke up this morning just before my alarm, but decided to take a little more time to nap.  Got my lazy ass out of bed at about 10:00am and shaved my face and head which took about 30 minutes.  Afterwards, I walked the streets of Ox, first over to Brasenose College.  It was when I was in the quad and going to take a picture of a sundial that I realized I left my smartcard in my floppy disk, d'oh!  Brasenose is a very nice college.  My tour of the college was self guided and I just happened to arrive just moments before two large organized tour groups, poor bastards.  The hall was very nice with the bronze nose (brazen-nose) mounted on a wall.  The chapel was also very nice, with stained glass and a pipe organ.

After leaving Brasenose I wandered around Ox trying to find the Turf bar.  After wandering around Radcliff square and reading the posted tourist information about a dozen times, I finally figured out where the Turf is located.  The Turf bar is a fucking difficult place to locate the first time.  One of the entrances is near the Sighs bridge.  The passage winds around a few corners and, BAM!  You're there.  I also tried to find Haley's house, which should have been fairly close to the Turf, but I couldn't locate the "blue" plaque that marks the spot.

I wandered around a bit more and finally ended up paying a £1 for a tour of Trinity College.  This time I had my camera and smartcard.  The quad was very nice, with ducks and trees.  The chapel was incredible with stained glass, pipe organ and wall paintings on the ceiling!  I spent about half an hour in the chapel taking pictures and attempting to perfect my photography techniques.  Though I think the camera is very nice, the view finder and the photo results are still a little bit off, cutting the top edge I believe.

I wandered back to St. Mary's in the afternoon, they had listed a brief sermon starting at 6:00pm, so I decided to attend.  I really wanted to hear the pipe organ in action.  During the sermon they sang, read aloud from the bible and a few psalms.  They also played the pipe organ.  It had a rich sound easily filling the naive.  The sermon was brief, about 40 minutes.  During the sermon many people came in off the streets just to wander around, it was all very interesting.  I wonder if the regulars find it annoying or ignore the entire circus.  I made my way out of the church immediately after the service and headed over to my favorite internet cafe on the High Street.  I spent an hour checking e-mail, there wasn't anything new, and writing down information from my links section of my website.  I'm likely going to head out to London on Wednesday to check out some of the free museums and other attractions.  I'm hoping to head over to the Oxford natural history museum on Tuesday, should be cool.  Anyway, it was pretty funny to watch the Swiss play a Doom derivative.  They were yelling back and forth about how they had killed each other, it was all rather amusing.

Now I'm back here at the hostel again.  Before I came back I stopped again at the French pastry shop where they tried to over charge me the first time, but they were actually out of what I really wanted.  Then I went to get some bottled water and the same guy attempted to give me the incorrect change.  Luckily I caught it before I left and they took care of it right away.  I'll probably head back there tomorrow if they are open.  Sitting here in the hostel lounge, watching a movie. Signing off now.

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