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15 june 2001

I kinda took a little nap in between my journal entry and woke up at about 1:30am with the light on and all my clothes still on so I promptly fell asleep instead.  Back to the Aussies, after hanging out with them until about 11:00pm I decided to got get some food before I went and caught up with the rest of the people in the dorm.  I managed to find a pizza place on the main street that was open.  Had a great vegetarian pizza and a few beers there before I staggered down to the Snake Bar.  When I got there, no one was there from the hostel, but I couldn't walk into the place without having a beer and checking out the snakes.  After finishing the beer I bailed down to the Babylon bar and saw this Norwegian there hanging out that I had seen hanging out in the hostel before.  I walked over and started talking to the guys, pretty soon it was me, the Norwegian and a few of his friends, a French Canadian and a Mexican.  The French Canadian was already there and the Mexican showed up a little later.  We sat there and drank beer and shots of Slivovice for most of the evening.  Paul and the rest of the guys from the dorm and people from the other dorm showed up eventually, including Jon and Will, two very silly English guys from my dorm.  The English guys were relaying a story to me about being randomly wrestled as well, they were way hip.

Anyway, I was locked in this marathon discussion with the Norwegian, Mexican and French Canadian and didn't quite make it over to the rest of the group.  It was pretty funny, the Mexican basically sat down and just started tearing into people from the States.  After he calmed down he realized I wasn't some punk, so that was pretty cool.  He was from Cancun and was really sick of seeing 16 year olds getting silly in his home town.  After quite a while Paul came back over and told me they were moving back the Snake Bar.  Eventually I decided to head over to the Snake Bar as well, thinking that I'd leave my new friends there at the Babylon, but that didn't actually happen.  When I was in the Snake Bar getting a beer my buddies from the Babylon came in and once again I was locked in the conversation with these guys.  Once, I looked up, somehow, and noticed that Paul and crew had left, fuck.  Oh well, there were pretty cool people.  Somehow we made it back the Norwegian's hostel where he was working, drank some more and eventually made our way outside.  Actually the French Canadian and I made it outside while the Norwegian fell asleep because he had to get back early for work.

Anyway, some fucking how it was 8:00am and I decided to boogie back the hostel for breakfast.  When I got back I actually watched Haunza work, it was incredible.  While I was sitting there eating breakfast the Aussies were harassing me about not making it back to the hostel for my free night.  Sometime thereafter one of the Aussies reminded me it was Tuesday and not Monday and I boogied back up to the dorm to pack my stuff so I could leave that day and also check out my 10:00am.  I was out of that hostel and on a bus for Praha by 12:30pm and in Praha by about 3:30pm.  The Aussies, Gus and Rowan and I eventually made our way to the Travelers' which happened to be around the corner from where Sanna, Lien, Kosaku and I stayed.  That evening we found another authentic Czech place to eat and then headed over to the hostel bar for a few drinks.  I was really tired, and by that time I had been up for about 35 hours.  At about 12:30am I bailed out of the bar to get some sleep.

I got up the next morning at about 7:00am and headed down to the train station to buy a ticket to Berlin.  I'm really glad I did because I found out the Czech had changed the time the train left and it was much earlier.  I boogied back to the hostel, got my stuff and basically walked to the train station again.  Unfortunately I missed seeing my Aussies buddies in the morning.  The train ride was nice and quite.  I had two seats to myself and no one bothered me.  When I made it to Berlin I called the hostel to make a reservation and made my way back down there via bus 146.  That night I hung out with this guy named Joey from Atlanta, Georgia.  He was a pretty cool guy, but didn't know Ivan or Susan.  He had also heard of the Northside Tavern for quite some time.  Since I had been there before I gave him some details about the place.  Anyway, we got some food and beer and hung out until about midnight when we made it back to the dorm and pretty much passed out.

The next day I helped my buddies at the Internet Cafe across the way for a few hours to troubleshoot their internet access problems.  It was pretty cool because they weren't fluent in English, but we managed to get it working!  They were amazed I also needed to bail right after so I could catch my flight.  Getting to Tegel airport was pretty easy.  I resolved that I would NOT every fly Alpi Eagle again.  They are a sheer nightmare with trying to locate their desk,  to checking in and  to getting through their security checkpoint.  The actual flight was nice, but by the time I made it to the plane I just wanted to be left alone and get to Venezia.

When I got to Venezia later that afternoon I was surprised how humid it was.  I took a bus to Mestre, the train station and then took another bus to Fusina where I got into a cabin.  This is actually a campground, just like Michael told me.  I can see why he baked out here for a few days.  It's a pretty cool place.  Last evening I hooked up with my cabin mate, "J", and we went and had some dinner at the local restaurant.  People out here at Camp Fusina were getting absolutely silly at the camp bar last night.  I was here in the cabin last night and I could definitely hear people getting majorly silly.  About 11:00pm I decided to take a little nap and woke-up at about 1:30am.  I think I'm still recovering from my marathon discussion session with the blokes from my last evening in Cesky Krumlov.

This morning I managed to get out of bed sometime before 9:00am.  "J" and I decided to head over into Venezia and see the town and take some pictures.  After a few minutes of attempting to talk to the lady at reception in Spanish I finally got a water taxi ticket from Fusina to Venezia.  We had a good time in Venezia, "J" is a picture taking fool, snapping well over 100 shots over the course of the day.  Venezia is a really nice city, silly with canals and little bridges.  There are very many silly little shops and other things all over Venezia, it's not right.  The canals are also very cool, you see a lot of boats and gondolas all over the place.  "J" and I must have walked about 10km today, most of it trying to get back to station Fusina after following the San Marco tourist trap train which definitely was a piece of crap.  We must have walked through about a million shops trying to find our way to the station.  When we finally made it back to Fusina Station we got to hang out in the shade for a little while before getting on the boat.

After making it back to camp we messed around with our digital camera's and them made our way out to the cafe for some food.  While we were eating we met some very cool Aussie ladies sitting at the table next to us.  We talked with them for a while and discovered they were in the cabin next to us, really funny.  Anyway, after dinner I bought a bottle of wine and a plastic cup and came back here for the evening to catch up my journal and drink a very nice red wine, merlot, which I've nearly finished.  Tonight I'm going to finish packing so I'm up and gone to make my way to Certaldo!

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