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15 november 2001

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

I had to borrow a pen from reception since mine broke last night at my favorite bar in Como.  I was writing about after our walk in Mannenbach.  When we came back a bunch of people were still awake down in the dinning room making up verses to songs.  It was really fun, they would sing this intro:

Ole, ole brigadista Dale cana al opresor Pa' joderle mugollon Accompana al activista

and then we would sing another chorus that people made up.  There was all sorts of shit people were creating.  The last one of the evening was my favorite since it pertained to SCI, my sponsoring organization and PBI, the benefiting organization:

SCI washing dishes, lazy bastards PBI SCI sweeping floors, lazy bastards PBI SCI preparing your food, lazy bastards PBI SCI gone on vacation, fuck yourselves PBI

This one broke the rhyme rules we were using, but it's a very good break.  Here is an example of one using the rule:

De la Beo ha venido un muchacho gentleman El nos dice que es Belga Mas parece Taliban

The SCI/PBI chorus got a rolling laugh out of everyone, it was really funny.  Quite a few of them were made up for specific people, they were really great.  We were up until about 3:30 or so doing that crap.  I bailed at 3:40, I was so tired I couldn't stay awake!

Well I made it out here to Verona today via train.  I spent most of the day walking around and exploring the city.  I can see why people like this town so much, it can be very charming.  I'm not certain how long I will stay, at least a few nights.  They have this suggestion book that people have been writing in so I spent an hour or so reading through the comments.  From the comments I will probably do some hiking around the hostel tomorrow.  I already walked up the hill a little bit today before having dinner here at the hostel.  Afterwards I plan to head down to this Internet cafe down the hill for an hour and also do a little light drinking as well as check out this other restaurant that was suggested in the comment book.  The Internet cafe had whiskey and cola listed for cheap so I'll definitely have a few of those before lockout at 23:30!  Dinner is about ready so I'll write more later.

Ok, I just had dinner and then went down to the Internet cafe to check e-mail.  It is fucking cold here!  Anyway I had the keyboard from hell and I was also having some problems just sending e-mail.  I got an e-mail from Fiona, she has a really important test she is studying for on 19 December, so I probably won't be able to see her when I'm in town for Gábor's birthday party.  I couldn't send the message I had composed to her because of some network issues so hopefully a little later, maybe tomorrow.  That really sucks I won't get to see her, so maybe after my next workcamp or during the New Years party I'm planning at the workcamp, yeah!  I'm still looking forward to heading to Gábor's party.  I think it WILL be nuts!  It's such a bummer I may not see Fiona in Berlin.

My Como girlfriend, Roberta, was really cool.  She gave me some Italian kisses good-bye and I gave her a hug good bye last night.  Roberta wants me to send her a postcard when I get back to the States, but I'm not certain if she understood I won't be back home soon.  I think I'll send her a postcard when I blast out postcards the next time.  The next, woa I'm getting drunk here.  Did I mention I bought a bottle of wine from Verona.  It's pretty good.  I was also hoping to get an e-mail from Gábor, but nothing, just some shit from Natasa about her football team, big deal.  Gary also blasted me a shit load of pictures of Reece I suppose.  I have so many photo's to look at it's unreal.  I don't know what to write.. I'm getting smashed on Verona wine.  Maybe a poem?  I was also thinking about Kuba today.  I still think he should show up to Berlin, we would have a mad time.  I was also thinking about Misa today but I ran out of time to e-mail her.  But I did get an e-mail from Kosaku, he is still studying in Canada.  I told him I was in Verona, Italy and having a good time.  Fuck the motherfucker and how he treated Sanna, and also fuck that guy for using Lien and posing as a decent human being.

There once was a man named Jed Whose woman, did kick him in the head And at a quarter to two, he finally blew The women he had in the sled.

There once was a man named John Who drank until he was gone And at a quarter to three, he took a pee And passed out until the next morn.

There once was a man named Larry And he was so very At a quarter to four, he was on the floor Fucking the bitch he will marry.

There once was a man named Shawn And he never woke up 'til dawn At a quarter to six he rubbed his dick And rolled back over on Goldy Hawn.

There once was a man named Sven Who thought his name was Ben At a quarter to seven, he slapped his brethren And laid an egg like a hen.

There once was a man named Bruce And women thought he was the juice At a quarter to eight, he was really late For a date he had with a recluse.

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