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16 april 2001

Ken and I spent about an hour or so going over various sights in London.  I just hope I remember all the info for tomorrow.  I spent part of the day completing some photographs and doing a little walking around the city of Ox.  After walking around a little I photographed Carfax tower and then climbed to the top.  The staircase was very narrow and steep to the top.  There was a very nice view down the High street and part of Cornmarket.  I could also see a nice view of Tom's Tower at Christ Church which is down St. Alldates.  I helped a pair of nice ladies take a picture of themselves and the background of Ox.

I did some more walking out of the Ox center and back before I headed over to the Saxon tower.  I tried to find this kebab stand on St. Giles, but no luck.  Not certain if I didn't walk out far enough or the kebab truck hadn't showed up just yet.  I possibly missed it entirely.

Anyway, I went to Saxon Tower which has a nice cozy church attached.  The flier talked about the treasury having a 11th/12th century shee-la-na-gig.  When I was in the treasury I couldn't locate anything obvious so I went to the top of the tower and took a picture of Cornmarket street below.  I wanted to know a little more information concerning the shee-la-na-gig so I asked the nice English fellow that was handling the admittance.  I didn't quite understand his answer as I'm pretty sure the chap doesn't know what one was either.  Anyway, PJ Harvey's lyrics will further elude me until I can complete more research.

I then walked down the High Street down to where the graduates will leap into the Thames, actually it's the Isis there.  I hope to make it back here on 1 May to see the spectacle!  There are some botanical gardens, the oldest in Britain which I skipped, maybe I'll check them out when I come back ~ 1 May.  I then made my way back to the hostel where I cataloged my photo's on a prior page.  Ken and I also discussed a variety of other places I should visit.  As it turns out I may spend only a few days in Stratford-upon-avon and then head to Wales for the rest of the time, maybe a week or so, before I head out to the Czech Republic.

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