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16 june 2001

I made it here to Certaldo after a few train rides and a bus ride from Fusina.  I left Camp Fusina after I woke up this morning at about 7:00am.  I managed to make it out to the 7:43 bus in time.  After getting off I made my way over to the train station to attempt to buy a ticket.  These particular Italians were a little grumpy this morning and not much help.  After trying to get the ticket guy to understand Certaldo for a few minutes I just bought a ticket to Firenze and figured I would just buy a ticket when I arrived there.  I rode 2nd class out to Firenze with a bunch of locals.  They were pretty funny to watch most of the way.  I really wanted to rest on the train a little but the Italians were getting a little bit silly.  The group of them got off at Bologna and I stayed on the train until Firenze.  When the group got off I made sure I was heading the right direction.  They let me know to get off at Firenze, the only train station there.  About an hour later I was in Firenze, a very nice station.

I had to buy my ticket and I'm glad some guy from the Italian train police helped me out and pointed me to the tobacconist where I stood in line for about 30 seconds instead of 30 hours in the other lines.  The ride out to Certaldo is really very nice.  Certaldo is a very nice town out in the country.  The streets are very clean and pleasant.  When I got off the train a couple was also getting off as well so we walked together to the hostel.  It really wasn't too hot at the time as compared to later on when I walked around.  The hostel guy at reception is this smug asshole that probably needs a good punch in the face.  Anyway, after I got shown to my room I shaved my face and head and then headed into town.

It was hotter that shit walking around downtown.  I walked around downtown Certaldo on a quest for a grocery store and water.  I walked by an outdoor digital thermometer., it said 35 degrees.  No wonder it was blazing!  I bought some water, apples and some Gatorade.  I guess the Italians weigh and tag stuff before they arrive at the counter, which I neglected to do.  The checkout lady was a little upset and ran back to the fruit stand to weigh and tag my bag.  It was pretty funny, guess next time I'll make sure I behave like other normal Italians.

Anyway, I walked back to the hostel, sweating like a pig.  I've been sitting here for about 2 hours and I'm finally starting to cool down.  There's this ridiculous movie on right now about some high school reunion, unfuckingbelievable.  I'm not certain what I will do tomorrow, maybe explore Certaldo or head out to Pisa for a day trip.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing

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