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16 october 2001

I was going to take a little nap but instead I'm going to write in my new journal.  Yesterday it was raining most of the day as I was walking around Avebury and investigating their stone patterns.  I decided to get some food while I was out there at the pub.  Since meat is not agreeing with me currently, I bought one of their vegetarian plates, it was pretty good.  There was some school there taking pictures and stuff but they had been caught in the rain storm as well so I'm not sure how successful their outing really was.  On the way back to Salisbury I caught the school time bus and about a billion kids were on, woa!  When I made it into Salisbury I went to the local Tesco and bought some food.  England doesn't seem to have the "Happy Cow" cream cheese that I really like so I just got some bread and other items for dinner and breakfast.  I had a really nice meal and then headed downstairs to try to catch some news.  I was up until about midnight watching crap and then I crashed.

This morning I got up and made some breakfast and then tried to take another nap but the bitch cleaning the room kicked me out so I went to Stonehenge.  It is really nice out there and quite spectacular.  They have a cool audio guide about the site so I found that useful.  I was considering if I should head out to Avebury again but the connection times really suck so I came back to Salisbury and wandered about town and check out the local Cathedral.  After making it back to the hostel I showered and shaved my head and face and then tried to take a little nap here in the kitchen.  I'm going to start to cook some dinner now.  I'll write more a little later.

I ate some dinner and watched some news.  I hope to figure out what the heck I'm doing tomorrow and how I'm going to get to Stansted Airport for my flight into Frankfurt.  If I stay here in Salisbury I'll need to be at the train station at 7:05am on Thursday morning, for the love of God.  Anyway, I'm considering heading to London so it's not as big a pain in the ass... but I haven't made the final decision yet.  I'm looking forward to heading to Germany for a few days.  Should be a blast!

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