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17 june 2001

Today was a nice warm day here in Certaldo.  This morning I work up just before 9:00am.  The room was still pitch black.  When the window is closed and the curtain is drawn it's impossible to know if it's light or dark outside.  Anyway, got my silly ass out of bed and washed my face before I hunted down what we were having for breakfast.  It was only toast and tea, so I had about 8 pieces before I got my backpack together and headed out the door to walk around town.  It was another blazer!  This afternoon when I was walking back I noticed it was 29 degrees, woa!

Today  I walked through the historical town of Certaldo Alto.  Basically old town is above the existing town.  It is very nice there, after a brief hike up a road.  Most of the structures date back to the 11th century or earlier.  I walked around for about 45 minutes and then decided to see if I could do a hike to the next town.  I had made my way about an hour or so, maybe less, out of town to the next town and decided to turn back since there really isn't a shoulder and the traffic just blows on by within a meter or so.  I headed back towards the center of town afterwards on my quest to find a WC, but I wasn't having any luck so I made my way back to Certaldo Alto where I knew there was one.  I hung out in Certaldo Alto for the rest of the afternoon getting sun burnt.  You can get a nice view of the surrounding area from the edge of old town, it's really nice.  Afterwards I walked back to the hostel and rested in the T.V. room where some people were watching a movie.  I baked out there for a few hours and then went and took a shower.  I really need one after trudging through heat for two days.

Tonight at 8:45pm we're having a pizza party so that should be cool.  I'm starving as well since the only thing I had to eat was the bread and tea this morning, as well as an awesome ice cream cone this afternoon for 2000 Lire!  Tomorrow I hope to head to Lucca to do some Internet access and answer e-mail.  I really hope VFP came through for me on the new workcamp.  People are smoking out here so it's time to move.

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