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17 november 2001

This Australian couple I've been playing cards with is now playing the piano.  Today I went on a hike in Riva.  It was really nice there, I boogied up this hill to some monument in just under 40 minutes.  It was an incredible view there so I had to take a few pictures with the time delay of the camera.  Anyway these past few days I spent mostly walking around.  Yesterday I went on this massive hike outside of Verona to try to make it to some stone castle.  I never made it there, but I did made it to some other cool places.  When I got back to the hostel I ate dinner here and hooked up with this very nice lady from Idaho.  After dinner Kathy and I went for a walk around Verona and got a little lost, it was pretty cool.  We made it back to the hostel in time to play a game of chess and share a bottle of wine.  I am really beat today, probably from all the walking and riding on the bus today.  I need to head to the Internet cafe sometime tomorrow and also figure out where I'm heading to next.  I was thinking Bologna, where I hope to eventually end up in the training class later this month.

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