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5 december 2001

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

My watch battery died so I don't know, or remember, what date it is, but I think it's the 5th.  I'm here in Slovenia with Natasa.  I'm actually here in a bar in some town outside of Kranj while Natasa ran off to her job for a few hours.  My last few days in Torino were pretty cool.  I hooked up with Pedro for an evening after work.  It was really cool to see him again and we pretty much just hung out and talked.  I had walked out to where he lived, about an hour from the hostel.  That next morning I began my trek out here to Kranj.  As Natasa advised me on how to pronounce the name of her home town: forget the 'j', you don't pronounce it.  Say the 'a' like army and there you have it!

My train left from Porta Nuova at 7:13am, we first made out way to Venezia where I

had over an hour to hang out until the next train.  I tried to walk around town a little to try to find some Pastis as a gift for Natasa, but no luck.  I bought a bottle of wine instead at the train station.  My next segment of my journal took me into Austria, up into the mountains to a town called Villach.  On the way there, there was an issue with my ticket.  I was supposed to take the train through Tristie, but I didn't realize this since I was following the route I had printed from  The kind lady was initially trying to explain to me in Italian, but I managed to switch her to English.  I managed to get on a different train than my ticket described and there was an additional fee, 23,000 Lira!  Jesus!  She was cool though and I didn't have to pay the extra fee!  I'm not certain why there was an extra fee, maybe some cost for the border change.

The later part of the trip was in the mountains and through some very long tunnels.  After I got to Villach I needed to use the restroom, but they charge 5 Schilling, d'oh!  I managed to locate a currency exchange booth in the train station, it was also the ticket booth.  I didn't plan to do much in Austria so I asked if I could exchange for 5 Schilling.  The guy asked me if I just wanted to use the restroom, I told him of course and he just gave me 5 Schilling!  Woa!  The Austrians are cool.  The rest of the time I just hung out and waited in the cold until the train showed up.  It was a lot warmer in the train, so that was nice.  I was really nervous about the connection time in Jessenice, only 9 minutes!  I also had a border crossing to navigate and to figure out where my next train was.

I got off the train and met the Slovenian border police, they checked my passport and asked me where I was going.  I told them Kranj and they stamped my passport and I was on my way.  The train was fairly easy to find, it had Ljubljana on it and I confirmed it was heading to Kranj with one of the conductors.  I arrived in Kranj at 19:39 and Natasa came by and picked me up at 20:00.  It was really great to see her.  We made our way back to her house.  We ate some dinner and drank about two liters of wine until about 03:00!  It was really mad.  Anyway I got up this morning at about 10:30 and we ate breakfast.  Afterwards we went on a short walk just outside of town and then headed back.  While Natasa cleaned her hair I washed the dishes before we headed back to town for Natasa's job.

My watch battery died today so I hope to pick up another one here somewhere.  I also need another pair of pants, the ones I brought from my recent trip back to the States were in much more poorer condition than I had realized.  Natasa was telling me that the cost of pants is expensive here and there are no second hand stores really in Slovenia.  I may wait until I get to Berlin to buy some different pants.  I also need to yank some Tolars for this week as well.  I may also try to buy a battery since I don't fricken know what time it is!  This weekend we'll be getting silly with some of Natasa's friends.  She also wants me to show up at her job where she is teaching English to some adult students.  This week is going to be really cool!  I'm not certain what we're doing tonight but I hope we get silly.  Oh, speaking of silly I finally got an e-mail from Tak!  He wrote a lot about cazzo and that he needed some money.  It was really good to hear from him.  I hope to hear from a variety of people since I blasted out so many e-mails after I updated my website.

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